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Buy ID Tags to Keep Your Pets Safe
Despite your best intentions, you and your pet may be separated someday. If that happens, people need to know how to find the owner of the adorable pet they just found. An ID tag can help keep your pet safe even if you’re apart. By wearing our tag, your pet will look cute and stay safe. Don’t become one of the many pet owners who overlook this crucial part of owning a dog or cat. Make a small investment towards your pet’s safety and well-being — buy ID tags for their collar!
Over A Million Pets Protected with our Custom Pet Tags!
EZpettags has been a trusted name in custom engraved pet tags for over a decade! Let your pet join one of the 1,000,000+ pets we’ve helped. Whether you want a stylish pet accessory or a simple identification tag to keep your furry friend safe, we have several options available for purchase!

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⇑ Personalization for Dog Tag Arts
for dog & cat id tags using Sublimation $3.99
⇑ Personalization for Bone Cubic
using Diamond engraving $9.99
⇑ Personalization for Polished ID tags $6.99 and
Die Struck Tags $9.99 using Diamond engraving
⇑ Personalization for Anodized Aluminum
Pet Tags using Laser engraving $3.99
⇑ Custom Embossed Military Dog Tags $2.99 ⇑ Personalization for Stainless Steel Pet Tags
using Diamond engraving $4.49
⇑ Personalization for Aluminum Swarovski
using Diamond engraving $7.99
⇑ Lupine ECO Collection
Adjustable Dog Collars and Leads $16.99

Take a look at the many reasons customers choose us:

• High-Quality Materials
Our dog id tags are durable. They hold up to bad weather and years of wear and tear from your pet. They also stay securely on your pet’s collar, but without feeling too heavy or uncomfortable. Some of our dog id tags and cat tags are made of tough stainless steel, while others are made of lightweight, strong aluminum.

• Wide Variety of Styles
We offer a huge selection of sizes, colors, and shapes. We can personalize your dog id tags using diamond engraving, laser engraving, sublimation, and embossing! All our crown, butterfly, and flower aluminum designs, as well as our Dog Tag Arts, are custom-designed.

• Affordable Prices and Discounts
Our products are affordable. If you’re a first-time buyer, you can get a 10% discount on our products. And, if you send us a picture of your pet wearing one of our custom pet tags, you will get 20% off your next purchase!

• Efficient Service
Ordering your custom pet dog tags online is convenient and safe. If you ever have questions or concerns, call or send a message to our friendly customer service. We offer quick deliveries, so your pet gets protected fast. After you’ve paid online, we will ship your dog tag in just one business day! If you need a tracking number, just ask—we can provide it for a small extra charge.

We offer something for every kind of pet and owner! Make your pet feel special with one of our custom pet tags. And, when you pick out your custom pet ID tag, check out our high-quality Lupine collars and leads. These collars are highly durable and comfortable—they will stay snugly around your pup’s neck to ensure that the tag goes wherever your pet goes.

Your satisfaction with our products is 100% guaranteed! We understand how much you love your pets. Keep them safe when you buy a custom pet tag from us!

5 Reasons Why Pet ID Tags are Important

If you’re a dog or cat owner, your pet is probably one of the most important things in your life. You want to keep your pets safe and happy. One of the best things you can do to ensure your pet’s safety is buying a pet ID tag. While tags aren’t the only way to identify pets (microchips are also essential!) they are a simple, easily-visible way to keep your pet safe. All pets should have them!

Here’s why personalized pet ID tags are important.

1.      They Tell People How to Contact You

Even though it isn’t fun to think about, there are many ways you could get separated from your pet. If your home is hit with a natural disaster like a flood or tornado, you might get separated from your pets. Or, your dog/cat could wander off and get lost from curiosity. Include your cell phone number on the tag so you’re easy to reach. If a neighbor or passerby finds your pet, they can quickly call you as soon as they see the tag and you won’t have to be separated for long!

2.      Pet ID Tags Show that Your Pet Isn’t a Stray

Just seeing a pet ID tag on your pet lets people know that your dog is owned and not a stray. They’ll be more likely to intervene if they see your pet wandering around aimlessly. Without the dog tag, a stranger might worry about your dog having fleas, ticks, or even rabies. They won’t want to get involved. Dog tags for pets let people know that it’s safe to approach your dog and look for the owner’s contact info.

3.      They Can Convince People to Return Your Pet

Many pet owners are willing to pay for their pet’s safe return home. If you’re one of these owners, just putting the word “REWARD” on the pet ID tag can incentivize a stranger to return your pet. Sad as it may be, some people just aren’t willing to help unless they know there’s something in it for them. Other people might even want to keep the pet for themselves. But if you’re offering a reward, they have good reason to call you.

4.      They Display Your Pet’s Name

Even just knowing your pet’s name is helpful to anyone who might find it. The person can call your pet by its correct name until they get back to you. This can help the finder get your dog to sit, stay, eat, and more. It is best for your dog’s safety for anyone who finds it to know the name. Plus, it looks cute! And even if your pup isn’t lost, everyone at the vet, groomer, or dog park will be able to clearly see your pet’s name.

5.      You Can Include Lifesaving Medical Info

If your pet has a medical condition, the tag is the perfect place to include this info. If your pet needs medicine and it gets lost, ID tags give any finder the information they need to get your pet the proper care. And it’s not just strangers who might need this information. A pet sitter may need to be reminded of this information if your pet requires unexpected medical attention while you’re away.

You never know what could happen to your pet. It’s best to be prepared, and one of the best ways to do that is by purchasing dog id tag. EZpettags.com makes it easy to buy the best and affordable tag for your dog and cat!



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