Anodized Aluminum – Double sided Laser Engraved Pet Tags


Our premium quality Anodized Aluminum Pet Tags are available in 29 styles (shapes) and 10 colors to choose from. These tags are made in the USA, with fully sealed edges, a .050″ (1.27mm) thickness, and are 100% certified Toy Tested safe with no lead content. We use top-of-the-line laser machine to engrave these tags so that we can guarantee you will get long-lasting and permanent engraving.

We offer up to 5 lines of personalized text information for your dog or cat ID tags. For small kittens or puppies, we provide an extra small size, and an extra-extra large size for big dogs. A free split ring is also included with each tag.

Last but not least, please take time to choose our cute graphics and beautiful fonts that fit to the personality of your pets. Also please checkout our unique dog id tags in crown shape, butterfly or flower shape.

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